Da Bizi (大鼻子) (dabizi) wrote in prchina,
Da Bizi (大鼻子)

what pay should I ask for work?

Ok, my first post here.

I've been in China for over a year now, and my school just asked me to grade some papers for an essay writing class. What amount of money should I ask for this? Right now I'm charging 100-110 rmb per hour for spoken English teaching.

What should I ask for grading essays? Should I try to get a lump sum or some sort of hourly pay?

Some background if it helps: I've been in Tianjin China for a year with this school, and I have a bachelor's degree in Math/CS. I've done lots of extra work for this school in the past (but it is all spoken English). I'll be sharing this responsibility with two Chinese teachers, and we will split a poll of about 160 students evenly.

Thanks in advance!
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