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Tizzy Bac Interview: A Cross-Cultural Music Exchange

Formed in 1999, the Taiwan indie band Tizzy Bac has gained lots of attention for their unique music style. The three young and ambitious music lovers decided to start their "piano rock" style despite the fact that guitarists were ruling the indie scene at the time.
Fast forward to 2011 and Tizzy Bac recently returned from performing at the SXSW festival in the US. SXSW was a great experience for Tizzy Bac as they met and mixed it up with indie bands from various countries and backgrounds. But it merely whet their appetite for something even bigger in the future - their first US tour, calling the possibility "a unique and precious opportunity."
Although most audiences coming for their show were Chinese, some westerners were also there, which was quite noticeable. Unlike the Chinese audiences who had already known their music before the show, the westerners were purely drawn there by curiosity or what little buzz there was for "Taiwan Rocks SXSW." Tizzy Bac believes that their appeal for American fans lies in their merging of music and cultures. They feel that music is an international language that everyone can speak, and it doesn't matter whether it's in Mandarin or English, as long as it's good. "I remember at the SXSW festival, there were several foreigners watching our show. We can tell that the were captivated by our music from the expression and smile on their faces."
Interviewed by Eric de Fontenay

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