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CAVA Discusses The State Of China's Music Industry At Digital Music NY

On June 22nd, Digital Music NY hosted representatives from the China Audio Video Association (CAVA) to discuss the changing music and copyright environment in China at South Street Seaport's RED. MusicDish*China founder Eric de Fontenay was joined by the Administrative VP Mr. Ju Wang and Deputy Chairman Bill Zang, who is also the Chairman of the China Music Industry Committee (CMIC), VP of Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group (SSCEG) and President of a-Peer Synergy. The event brought together people from all sides of the music industry such as lawyer, music producer, record label company, artists and students interested in China's music market.
Responding to the potential and difficulties of China's market, Mr. Zang noted that while China Mobile's annual income generated from music is over than 15 billion RMB, yet content owners have barely received 100 million RMB in royalties. There is clearly a growing market driven by widespread mobile penetration (over 950 million subscribers) and popularity of services like ringback tones (or 'color tones' as they are referred to in China), but this is for naught if there is not a more equitable distribution of the revenues.
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